Phone Addict

BBC Radio New Comedy Award Final 2014

I talk really fast in this, because a. I was nervous (as well as being a competition final, the show was being broadcast live on BBC Radio 2), and b. I was determined to fit as much material as possible into five minutes. These were also my reasons for heading straight to the microphone and accidentally blanking Patrick Kielty.

Socially Awkward Situations

In 2016, I presented a series on the BBC Brit YouTube channel called Socially Awkward Situations — starring Kirsty Mann and Mark Joseph, and directed by Dipak Patel. Fun fact: this was the very last series on BBC Brit before it was scrapped. Yay, budget cuts! I’ve embedded episode 1 below, and you can check out episodes 2, 34 and 5 over on some website called YouTube.