Like Breath on a Mirror

The flyer from my 2015 Edinburgh Fringe show.

Hello! My name is Hari Sriskantha, and I’m a stand-up comedian and writer. You probably already know that, because why else would you be here? But if you needed proof, here’s the flyer from my 2015 Edinburgh Fringe show. (You can tell I’m a real comedian because I’m holding a microphone and everything.)

I’ve been performing stand-up regularly since 2011. In that time, I’ve been a Chortle Student Comedy Award Finalist (2012), a BBC Radio New Comedy Award finalist (2014), and I’ve appeared on BBC Radios 2, 4 Extra and Scotland.

I’m currently working on my debut hour, Clown Atlas, which is still in that delightful Schrödinger’s cat state where we won’t know if it’s great or terrible until someone observes it. Speaking of which: I’ll be doing plenty of previews in the summer; I’ll spam you with details when I have them.

I also recently presented a webseries for the BBC Brit YouTube channel called Socially Awkward Situations, which you can watch on the videos page.

Otherwise, click on the links to find my upcoming shows, some videos, my comedy CV and ways to follow/contact me. And I’ll be adding a blog really soon! (EDIT: that sentence has been there since Sept 2015, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.)

– Hari 🙂